The Hanging Bandits are a Hertfordshire based folk rock band. We formed in January 2017, since then we’ve played shows around the UK, including Wales and the Scottish Highlands, with venues ranging from pubs and clubs to mountains and caves.

We try to be ambitious and thought-provoking, philosophical and observational. Our lyrics are influenced by literary figures as much as songwriters; those influences include Albert Camus, Sylvia Plath, Bob Dylan and the Manic Street Preachers.

You can find our debut EP here. It’s a home-recording we put together after writing our first batch of tracks.

We are currently finishing the recording of our debut album, The Captain’s Last Words. It’s a folk concept album, still lo-fi, but this time mostly recorded in a bedroom. In the meantime, we’re also releasing acoustic tracks regularly. Our first online release, Journey to the Centre is out and our most recent single is Postcards from the Colonies.

This site will home our tour diaries, musings, song lyrics and band updates. We hope to bring you a lot of interesting content besides our music and hopefully create a resource both for our fans and other unsigned bands that want to network or make movements in the scene.

The Hanging Bandits are:
Alex Laurance – Vocals and Guitar
Tom Saxby – Keys and Sounds
Santiago Wais – Drums, Vocals and Guitar
Andy Fletcher – Bass and Guitar

You can reach the Hanging Bandits and follow us on Facebook, YouTubeTwitter and Instagram.